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At DDE we have the experience, skills and equipment to ensure that whatever size event or show you are planning we can provide you with the perfect production services to ensure your event has the polish and finish it deserves.


LightingLighting can enhance any event and can completely transform a room. We can provide anything from a single spot to a complete intelligent rig with lighting structures, dimming and control.

We have recently invested in a huge amount of LED lighting, which has the advantage of being able to provide any colour from a single light with very little power consumed or heat given off.

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SoundWe all know how important it is to ensure you have the right sound setup. A presentation or conference is pointless if those speaking can’t be heard, and ensuring a room has the correct type and amount of PA isn’t easy, but its something we specialise in. We have a complete selection of PA systems to cover any shape or size of rooms, and any type of event, from a single presenter onstage to a full musical production with orchestra. We also have a full range of wired and wireless microphones for bands, presentations, ambient room mics, for any setup you could imagine.

We can provide Sound packages to match your needs, and each system is tailored to your requirements…


VideoIt seems like nearly every conference or event is now accompanied with presentations or video displays and we can ensure your event is no different. We carry a number of screens in various sizes with front or rear projection surfaces, in either square or widescreen ratio.

We can also provide a custom screen service, were you could project onto any shape or size you desire. We carry a range of standard and HD projectors and vision switchers/mixers and can project from any source you wish, whether that be a single laptop on stage or from a control position, to multiple laptops placed around the room.

We can also ensure every guest can see what’s happening with live camera feeds and image magnification. 


StageAt DDE we have an excellent stage/set design service. Using our selection of deck in various shapes and sizes, with legs in various heights, we can provide you with a stage that suits your needs and space. We have provided single pieces of deck for awards presentations to multi level structures with staircases and ramps.

But stage design isn’t just about the floor you stand on, but the area around you. We can provide flats and scenery that matches the styling of your room and theming, and can incorporate lighting directly into it.

We have an excellent large-scalescreen-printing service and we have used this in the past to create backdrops, masking, or screen surrounds with your company logo or design printed directly onto it. When it comes to stage design we are only limited by your imagination, and the bigger you think the more we can provide.